Clevedon Karate Kai

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  • Special Visitor 08 December 2017

    We had a very special visitor at training tonight. Sensei Ryan Lambotte, of Jersey Wado Ryu taught us a variety of one-on-one defence techniques, some of which were quite blood-curdling. Proof that it's possible to be friendly and terrifying at the same time!

  • WKU Winter Competition 26 November 2017

    WKU's second competition of the year took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre in Weston-super-Mare today. Students from Clevedon and Nuffield Health were, as ever, in attendance and giving their very best.

  • Students of the Month 10 November 2017

    Clevedon and Nuffield Health Students of the Month for October.

  • Student of the Month 06 October 2017

    Clevedon Student of the Month for September - Taijan Dean. When you get to brown belt, the level of requirements goes up, and a lot of students hit a plateau. That's where Tai is, but that hasn't stopped him turning up and giving his absolute best. The idea of giving up has simply not occurred to him, and that's the attitude that can ultimately take him further. Congratulations, Tai!

  • Student of the Month 01 September 2017

    Clevedon Student of the Month for August - Oscar Lewis. While most of the juniors have been taking a break over the summer holidays, this young man has turned up every week and worked harder than ever. Well done Oscar!

  • Belts Awarded 17 July 2017

    Following the club's recent summer grading, the successful participants have been presented with their new belts at their next training sessions.

  • Club Grading 09 July 2017

    Today saw Clevedon Karate Kai's summer grading at a stiflingly hot Tickenham Village Hall. Eleven students stepped up to show why they were worth a new belt.

  • WKU Bristol Summer School 01 July 2017

    Our association's annual outdoor summer school took place at Old Reds rugby ground in Bristol on Saturday. The biggest turnout from Clevedon, and overall, for many years, enjoyed some fine weather and varied training, and, most importantly, had bags of fun.

  • Students of the Month 09 June 2017

    Awards have been given this week to our Students of the Month for May, for both the Clevedon and Nuffield Health clubs. Congratulations to both of you!

  • WKU Spring Invitational 30 April 2017

    Our association's bi-annual competition took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-super-Mare, on Sunday. Six of our students were brave enough to test themselves against competitors from across the South, West, Midlands and Wales.

  • Student of the Month 08 April 2017

    Nuffield Health Student of the Month for March - Callum Scrivin. A young man who has been working extremely hard. Well done!

  • Easter Egg Night 07 April 2017

    We like to celebrate our holidays at Clevedon Karate Kai, so this week all the junior students were presented with an easter egg. Not until they had burned off the equivalent number of calories, though.

  • Belts Awarded 24 March 2017

    Following last week's club grading, the successful participants have been presented with their new belts at this week's training sessions.

  • Club Grading 19 March 2017

    Today saw Clevedon Karate Kai's first grading of the year. Twenty-one students have been working hard for the last few months, and showed what they can do.

  • Students of the Month 07 March 2017

    Students of the Month for February - (left to right) Bree, Evie and Isla. As well as making a big contribution to the family-orientated nature of the club, these three sisters are ever-present at Tickenham on Wednesdays, and continue learn and improve, all the while giving maximum effort. Congratulations!

  • Students of the Year/Sweets Night 16 December 2016

    Our last Friday training session of the year saw the traditional "Sweets Night", and the presentation of the Clevedon Students of the Year trophies.

  • Dan Grading 11 December 2016

    Although there were no Clevedon or Nuffield Health students undergoing today's Dan grading at Bristol Dojo, it turned out to be a very big day for two of our most senior instructors. Sensei Kevin Barrett and Sensei Nigel Langson were both promoted to Rokudan (6th Dan). We owe the very existence of our club to these two, and are therefore very pleased and proud to see them honoured in this way.

  • Belts Awarded 08 December 2016

    Belts have now been awarded to all those successful in the Clevedon club's November grading.

  • Shiny Things 02 December 2016

    Shiny things were on show at all our training sessions this week. Student of the Month and Year trophies, and Medals from last week's competition were displayed. Well done, all those who won them!

  • Western Karate Union Winter Competition 27 November 2016

    Our association's winter competition took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre today. Karateka from clubs from across the South, West and Wales gathered to take each other on, including a good contingent from Clevedon. Here's how they got on.

  • Club Grading 13 November 2016

    The club's last grading of the year took place on Sunday. Twenty-eight students had trained hard over the summer and autumn, and now stepped up to show what they could do.

  • Student of the Month 26 October 2016

    Student of the Month for October - Annabel. A young lady who has been working very hard since taking up karate earlier this year, and who is really starting to get to grips with the basics she is being taught. Well done!

  • A Special Guest at Yatton 17 October 2016

    We had a welcome visitor to training at Yatton this week. Exchange student Lennart Grosse, from the Ruhr area of Germany, is staying with John Watton and his family, and readily accepted the invitation to join John and Amelia for a session of karate. Lennart is a kickboxer, so was at home with many of the punching and kicking techniques, but he had a go at kata as well, and did extremely well for someone who had never done a kata before in his life. The whole class joined in to add to the international flavour by counting off repeated techniques in Spanish, French, and Gaelic as well as the usual English and Japanese.

  • WKU Kata Course 09 October 2016

    I would like to say a very big thank you to those who attended our kata course at the Bristol Dojo today. Sixteen students of varying grades from three of our West Country clubs. Also I would like to thank guest instructors from Sentenashi, Mike o'Brien, 7th Dan, and Olivia Newton, 3rd Dan. (Continued below photo...)

  • Gardening Prize 16 September 2016

    Another award for one of our students. Molly Pannell demonstrated her versatility by winning first prize for Children's Gardens at the Clevedon Flower Show. Here she is with her trophy, receiving the applause of the instructors and the rest of the class. Green fingers now, green belt (and further) in future?

  • Blue Peter Badge 09 September 2016

    Our students pick up awards and accolades of varying kinds, but we think this is a first. Amelia is proudly displaying her brand new Blue Peter Badge. To be specific, it's a Blue Peter Sport Badge, awarded for encouraging a friend to take up a sporting activity. Long-time friends Amelia and Phoebe (also pictured here, with instructor Nigel) were about to be separated, moving up to different schools, so Amelia suggested that Phoebe join her at karate. Phoebe took up the invitation, and recently passed her first grading. Amelia then wrote to Blue Peter to tell them all about it, and was duly awarded one of the best known badges there is, recognised by everyone. Congratulations to both!

  • New Belts Awarded 31 July 2016

    It's taken a few weeks, as many families have been on holiday, but most of the new belts earned at the July grading have now been presented.

  • Students of the Month for July 31 July 2016

    The Clevedon and Virgin Active awards for student effort and achievement over the previous month. Well done both!

  • Club Grading 10 July 2016

    Clevedon Karate Kai's second grading of the year took place today. Twenty-two students stepped up to show their skills and earn a move up the ladder.

  • Dan Grading 03 July 2016

    Today saw the Western Karate Union's annual summer Dan grading, at Bristol Dojo. Two candidates from Clevedon, Sarah Meredith and Donna Robertson, joined the other hopefuls. After years of learning, and over six months of highly intensive training to make the step up to black belt, the day arrived at last. This is how they fared.