Clevedon Karate Kai

February 2019

Training Hall

Many thanks to all members for the help you have given to us in our quest to look for an alternative training hall for Wednesday evenings. There are many problems involved in this, i.e. size, availability and certainly cost. We have been offered the 2nd Clevedon Scouts hall at Coleridge Vale Rd N, Clevedon BS21 6NL, on a Wednesday evening. Alison who runs the hall bookings is great. She has offered to let us try the hall out and I would also like to get your feedback on space and the flooring. After all, it is you the students that do the work. Nigel and I just like to see you suffer! We have booked the 6th of February for a trial at the hall and would ask that as many of you that can attend to support this as, again, we need to see that there is safe room to move around, and that the flooring is OK.


Can we again ask that parents keep an eye on their children’s gis? They have a habit of throwing them in a bag and dragging them out a week later!

Price Increase

Please remember that there has been a small price increase. The usual family discount of 50p off the whole total will still apply.

T Shirts

We still have a few of the adult T shirts left in stock so please contact Nigel or myself if you require one. Remember that hot summer and how good it was to train with a T shirt as opposed to the heavy gi top!



8th Caden Turner, 9th Amelie Mackenzie, 11th Oliver Smith, 13th Alex Fackrell, 18th Ysabelle Waller, 22nd Aarush Shah.


Out of Date

Callum Scrivin, Louis Mackenzie, Riley Stevenson, Lizzie Haines.

End of February

Oscar Quach, Amelia Wilczoch, John Watton, Sarah Meredith, Adam Zagrobelny.