Clevedon Karate Kai

End of Year Celebrations 21 December 2018

Clevedon Karate Kai signed off for 2018 last night with lots of awards and bags of festive fun. The 2018 Student of the Year was announced and the trophy awarded, and a number of new belts were given out, following the recent grading. Then everyone enjoyed our annual races and sweets extravaganza. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone connected with the club. See you in 2019!

Before we get going, everyone sits down for the new belts to be awarded.
Fidel, 9th kyu.
Ely, 8th kyu.
Riley, 8th kyu.
Nathan, 7th kyu.
Ayden, 7th kyu.
Callum, 7th kyu+.
Ameilia, 4th kyu.
John, 4th kyu.
Oliver, 2nd kyu.
Then John is called back up to be awarded the Clevedon Student of the Year trophy. Well deserved, following a year of very hard work and great application.
Then team captains Charlotte, Amelia and Eddie pick their teams for the races.
Eddie looks confident with his selection.
Lizzie makes the rules clear for each race...
... and the teams are raring to go.
There are plenty of balloons to be burst...
... mainly by sitting on them from a great height.
Energetic star jumps from Amelia...
... Oliver...
... and Jake.
Adam gets the hang of bursting balloons.
Squat thrusts are added for one race.
In this one they have to go round the black belts. George seems to be having a little trouble...
Alice and Charlotte on balloon-bursting duty for their respective teams.
The winning teams collect yet more sweets...
... and then they're off again.
Fidel adds some sorely-needed karate technique...
... but this race requires skills of a "flossing" nature.
Then there are bunny hops.
Everyone gives it their best...
... but Fidel achieves the highest altitude.
Eddie just dabs.
Funny face time.
There are standard ones...
... really weird ones...
... "but that's your normal face" ones...
... and ones that run in the family...
... like this.
Adam manages to slip in some more good technique.
Sibling rivalry as Cassidy and Callum hare off down the hall.
The guardians of the sweets share out the loot.
At the end, the remaining sweets are distributed evenly...
... and Kevin reminds all the kids that 4:30am is a perfectly acceptable time to get their parents up on Christmas Day.
A pretty satisfactory haul.