Clevedon Karate Kai

WKU Spring Invitational Competition 05 May 2019

Four Clevedon students entered our association's Spring event, competing in six separate categories. In addition, our club made a huge contribution to the staging of the event, with plenty of our students coming along to set up the night before, and help to run areas on the day. This is how it went.

The main hall at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, set up and ready to go at the start of the day.
Chief Referee Ivor Thomas explains to all the other referees why a bloke is standing on a chair, taking a photo of them.
Callum is first up, in his individual kata category. He gives his usual committed performance, but it's not enough to take him through.
However, it's a small category, so having started at the semi-final stage, he receives a bronze medal.
Jenson lines up for his first ever competition appearance.
He opts to play safe, doing his most familiar kata, Pinan Nidan...
...and gets a 2-1 flags decision to go into the semi-finals.
He sticks with Pinan Nidan in the semi...
... and goes through to the final on another split decision.
Gaining in confidence all the time, his Pinan Nidan in the final is his strongest yet...
... and it brings him a third split decision, and wins the whole category!
Emulating younger sister Cassidy, he receives a gold medal at his very first attempt.
It's a very proud Jenson who lines up for a photo with the other medallists at the end.
Louis performs Wanshu in his individual kata category.
He gets nicely airborne near the end...
... but a moment of hesitation costs him, and he finishes out of the medals.
Callum and Cassidy line up for their all-grades pairs kata category.
All the competitors have the category rules made clear by the referee.
It's Pinan Shodan for Callum and Cassidy, and their opening effort takes them through the first round.
Another committed performance in the second round...
... but their opponents are more experienced, and probably higher grades, and they are eliminated.
Cassidy also performs Pinan Shodan in her individual category...
...taking all three flags in the first round.
She's looking for a third successive gold in this category at WKU events...
... and looks on course with three flags again, taking her into the semi-final.
Her kata is as tight and tidy as ever...
... but she misses out to a mystifying 2-1 flags decision.
She still walks away with bronze, but it's a measure of how good she is that she is disappointed with that.
She's always got a big smile for the medallists photo, though!
Louis' first round kumite opponent is an extremely accomplished kicker.
Louis attacks with characteristic aggression...
... but the other fighter is able to pick him off.
It's at this point everyone realises he's not wearing his mouth guard, and the result is a chipped tooth, to go along with his defeat.
At the end of the day, one medal each is not a bad haul for the club, and for the Backhouse family!