Clevedon Karate Kai

Clevedon Club Grading 17 July 2019

Clevedon Karate Kai's summer grading was held this evening. In a hot, stuffy Tickenham Village Hall, thirteen students got up to show what they had learned.

A kneeling bow to begin the grading.
Beginners to 8th kyu are first up.
The bigger ones at the back provided an exceptional display for their grades...
... their commitment evidenced by plenty of sweat.
But the younger ones contributed too...
... with pretty good technique of their own.
Separating into two groups for kata. The younger ones perform Pinan Nidan.
The older group then do likewise.
Their grading is completed, but Stacey and Jenson stay up to do Pinan Shodan, because they can!
6th kyu and above bow in for their part of the grading.
Straight away, the level of technique goes up a notch.
Preparation for blocking.
Stepping through into a gyakuzuki.
Kicks are demonstrated...
... including ushirogeri, the back kick.
The whole group does kata, Pinan Nidan first...
... then Pinan Shodan...
... Pinan Sandan...
... Pinan Yondan...
... and Pinan Godan.
They all perform Kushanku.
At the end of that, the grading is over.
However, Cassidy, Callum, Sonia and Pip stay up for Wanshu, Niseishi and two Chintos, respectively.
The panel deliberates.
The graders are told who among them has achieved a first class pass - unusually, most of them.
It's a tired but happy group who bow out at the end.