Clevedon Karate Kai

November 2018

Holiday Dates

Christmas closures for our clubs will be: Last day Nuffield Health 15th December, first day back in the New Year will be 12th January. Clevedon last night of training will be 21st December and start back on 9th January. Yatton last night will be 17th December and back on 7th January.

Hall Closure

There is a hall closure on Wednesday November 21st due to another function.

Fun Nights

The annual sweets/fun days will be the last training session at Clevedon and Nuffield Health.


Grading dates are December 1st at Nuffield Health and December 16th at Clevedon. Please remember December 1st at Nuffield Health will be one session starting at 10.00 sharp. You must bring your licence with a picture in it, and the grading fee, and the doors will be closed at 10.00. Clevedon grading will be at All Saints Hall on the 16th December starting at 12.00 because the church have an event later in the afternoon, so again you must be there ready to start.

Arriving Late

Some students have started arriving late to sessions. Please be aware you should arrive ten minutes earlier rather than one minute late. I appreciate those travelling from Nuffield Health club to train at the Clevedon club can often get stuck in the M5 car park. This is understandable. I was myself coming home from there on Saturday. This is aimed at those who live local to our clubs but are still arriving late.


Out of Date

Elysia Hill, James Fortune.

End of November

Taijan Dean, Donna Robertson, Oscar Lewis.



4th Oscar Lewis, 7th Adam Zagrobelny, 8th James Fortune, 18th Chloe Lewis, 21st Riley Stevenson, Tula Grace Cassim, 22nd Donna Robertson, 23rd Estella Cook, 26th Milly Carter, 30th Michael Dean.