Clevedon Karate Kai

Clevedon Club Grading 16 December 2018

The club's final grading of the year took place at All Saints Church Hall today. It was a stiff test, with extra techniques added for some grades. However, the graders stepped up to the plate, and delivered a high quality demonstration of their skills and commitment.

First up, beginners, 10th and 9th kyu.
These guys are only just getting to grips with the techniques, but showed off some excellent kicks...
...and strikes, with plenty of loud kiais.
They even managed to fit in a few smiles along the way.
They finished with the first Pinan kata, Pinan Nidan.
Next up, 8th kyu...
...7th kyu and 6th kyu.
These students know a few more techniques.
Here, they're showing some excellent hip movement, stepping in to gyakuzuki.
They demonstrated a variety of kicks.
Then they moved on to the pinan kata: Pinan Nidan...
...Pinan Shodan...
...and for the 8th and 6th kyus, Pinan Sandan...
...and Pinan Yondan.
The final group up were 5th kyu to 2nd kyu.
Junzuke no tsukkomi was requested early on.
Gyakuzuki no tsukkomi.
Uchiuke block.
Stepping through into mahanmi-no-nekoashidachi, with shutouke block.
Nice foot positions on the yokogeri kicks.
The one no-one likes, ushirogeri.
Then on to kata: Pinan Nidan...
...Pinan Shodan...
...Pinan Sandan...
...and Pinan Yondan.
The grading is complete for the 5th kyus, but the brown belts go on to Pinan Godan.
Then advanced kata, starting with Kushanku.
...and finishing with Chinto, with Louis and George getting airborne here.
The grading panel begin their final deliberations...
...while Luke stretches the graders out.
Nigel warms them down with some punching exercises.
Finally Kevin reads out the results. Everyone has passed, two students double-grading, and another with a first class pass. Another excellent grading comes to a close.