Clevedon Karate Kai

March 2019


As of Friday March 1st, training will start at 19:00 to see if it helps with our younger members. Also, with All Saints, we need to check that we do not clash with other hall users. We are OK for Wednesdays as we have the hall from 18:00. Mondays at Yatton will be staying at 19:30.


Our next grading for Nuffield Health will take place on 9th March. Please remember there is one block session. Everyone should arrive before 10:00 with the grading fee and an up to date licence with a picture in it.

Grading for the Clevedon clubs will be on 10th March at All Saints Church, starting promptly at 13:00. The same applies for the grading fee and licence books.

Squad Session

There is a squad session taking place at the Bristol Dojo. As it has worked out it also falls on 10th March. Anyone attending that session who is grading will be exempt the warm up/practice session at Clevedon before the grading.



5th Jude Howe, 12th David Compagno, 15th Xander Batt, 18th Theodore Waller, 25th No names, but he will be 70!, 26th Lizzie Haines


Out of Date

Maisey Porter, Alex Fackrell, Sean Davies, Camilla Hutchings, Sarah Meredith.

End of February

Caden Turner, Estella Cook, Lucas Davies