Clevedon Karate Kai

WKU Spring Invitational Competition 06 May 2018

Five Clevedon students stepped up to represent the club in our association's first competition of the year. This is how they got on.

Riley (2nd to the right of the red dummy) and Summer (far right) line up for the first category of the day - Shobo Jukuren dummy, for the youngest students.
Summer is up first, and despite understandable nerves, works around the dummy, throwing strikes.
She gets plenty of punches and kicks in, but doesn't make it through to the next round.
On the next mat, Cassidy makes her competition debut in the older Shobo Jukuren category.
Her variety of kicking techniques takes her through.
Riley, also making his competition debut, steps up in the younger category.
He also throws a variety of kicks and punches...
... and takes the flags 2 to 1, to go through.
He is less nervous in the next round, but is up against a better opponent, and goes out despite an excellent showing.
Cassidy comes out punching and kicking for the next round.
She also has a more difficult opponent this time, and is edged out.
A third competition debutant, Callum, takes to the mat for kata.
He opts for his most comfortable kata, Pinan Nidan.
It's a committed performance, with loud kiais...
... but it's not quite enough, and he goes out.
Having got a bye through the first round, however, he still walks away with a bronze medal.
Cassidy calls out her kata in her category.
She also goes for Pinan Nidan, and goes through to the next round.
Riley bows in preparation for his kata contest.
He too goes for Pinan Nidan...
...and delivers it with plenty of gusto.
This time he's on the wrong end of a split decision, though, and goes out by 2 flags to 1.
Cassidy, in the quarter-final, is starting to feel at home, and makes it into the semi-final, and a guaranteed medal.
Sticking with Pinan Nidan, she improves with every round...
... and takes the flags unanimously to go into the final!
On the mat alone for the final, she gives her best performance yet...
... and edges out her opponent 2 to 1 to win the whole category!
She steps up to receive the gold medal...
... and proudly lines up with the other medallists at the end.
Lewis steps out for junior Dan grades kata.
He gives a powerful rendition of Annan...
... full of passion, but not quite enough to defeat a very talented opponent.
Cassidy has achieved the result of the day, but Callum, Riley, Summer, and as always Lewis, have done the club proud, whatever their results.