Clevedon Karate Kai

New Belts Awarded 18 March 2019

The belts earned at the recent grading have all now been awarded.

Lots of new belts on show at a packed Friday training session.
Andrew, 10th kyu.
Xander, 10th kyu.
Anderson, 10th kyu.
Isabella, 10th kyu.
Chloe, 10th kyu.
Alice, 10th kyu.
Theodore, 9th kyu.
Delylah, 6th kyu.
Ysabelle, 6th kyu.
Oscar, 6th kyu.
John, 4th kyu+.
Pip, 1st kyu.
Tai, 1st kyu.
Oliver, 1st kyu.
Louis, 1st kyu.
Jake, 10th kyu.
Amelie, 9th kyu.
Jo, 9th kyu.
John, 9th kyu.
Fidel, 8th kyu.
Ely, 7th kyu+.
Ayden, 7th kyu+.
Nathan, 7th kyu+.
Callum, 6th kyu+.
Cassidy, 6th kyu+.
Louis, 5th kyu.
Adam, 5th kyu+.
Amelia, 4th kyu+.