Clevedon Karate Kai

Dan Grades

Clevedon Karate Kai has, at the time of writing, guided forty-six students through to achieving the rank of First Dan, and the coveted black belt, awarded by our association, the Western Karate Union. Many have since advanced to higher grades. Those pictured here are the Dan grades currently regularly teaching and/or training with the club.

Kevin Barrett, 6th Dan, British kumite and kata referee

Nigel Langson, 6th Dan, British kumite referee

Mark Christie, 3rd Dan

Michael Dean ("Dino"), 3rd Dan

Luke Jefferies, 2nd Dan

Paul Green, 2nd Dan

Camilla Hutchings, 2nd Dan

Lewis Cocking, 2nd Dan

John Green, 2nd Dan

Maria Christie, 1st Dan

Lizzie Haines, 1st Dan

Donna Robertson, 1st Dan

Tori Cornish, 1st Dan