Clevedon Karate Kai

Bristol Summer School 06 July 2019

Saturday saw Bristol Karate Club's annual outdoor summer school, at the Old Reds ground in Bristol. Students and instructors from across the Western Karate Union came together to teach, learn, or both. The sunshine came too, and plenty of fun was had by all.

As ever, a huge amount of knowledge and experience was on hand, in the shape of instructors from most of the association's clubs.
The traditional bow-in at the start of the day.
Loosening up first. Lewis and Eddie use each other as leaning posts.
Callum helps Jenson to stretch his hamstrings...
... while Sonia does likewise for a former World Champion.
1st kyus work on snap punches under the watchful eyes of Broadwell's Paul James and Colchester's Jim Smith.
Meanwhile Nigel and Griffin's Rob Smith put the next grade group through their paces with the Pinan Shodan kata.
Lewis (third from right) works on Kushanku with the dan grades.
Eddie parries a punch from Dan, as Oliver watches on.
Callum and Jenson help to bring the noise with the youngest group.
Lewis gets a close look at the toes of Henry, from Yeovil.
Paul supervises work by the youngest group on the strength of their stances.
Lewis (second from right) as part of a dan grades group who get a soaking for any lapses in technique from Bristol instructors Rory Daniels and Darren Haynes.
Two 1st kyus from Clevedon and two from Nuffield Health watch as Yeovil's James Smith demonstrates the art of breaking an opponent's balance.
Charlotte then tries it out on Eddie...
... makes it work...
... and then when he gets up, gives him a kick for good measure!
Oliver throws a reverse head kick at brother Dan...
... then takes him down to the floor.
At the end of the afternoon, all students and instructors come together to warm down and stretch out.
Everyone's had a great day, and are all smiles at the end. Thanks to Bristol Karate Club for continuing to run this excellent event.