Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Families

Clevedon Karate Kai has a strong family focus. Many siblings and parents and their children train together, and sometimes even grandparents and grandchildren. Each of the pictures below contains students who are all members of the same family.

Brother and sisters Oscar, Bella, and Chloe Lewis

Brothers and sister Ayden, Nathan, and Ely Hill

Sisters and brother Delylah, Ysabelle, and Theodore Waller

Sister and brother Maria and Mark Christie, and Maria's daughter, Summer

Brothers Oliver and Dan Smith

Twins Olivia and Lily Bodmer

Seamus Nolan and son Louis

John Watton and daughter Amelia Wilczoh

Brothers Paul and John Green, and Paul's son, Edward

Sonia Backhouse, son Callum and daughter Cassidy