Clevedon Karate Kai

March 2018


Nuffield Health grading will take place on Saturday 17th March. As always there will be only one session starting at 10.00. Those not grading can either help with some of our younger members or join in for the loosening up session. We aim to complete by about 11.30. Parents are welcome but please put mobiles on silent. As always, we must have the student's licence with the appropriate grading fee and the licence must have a picture in it.

Clevedon grading will take place at Tickenham Village Hall on Sunday 18th March from 13.00 to 16.00

Please note: You have all been given club and association badges. They must be sewn on to your gis before grading.

Easter Break

There will be no training over the Easter weekend, i.e. Friday 30th March at All Saints, Saturday 31st March at Nuffield Health and Monday 2nd April at Yatton.

Easter Eggs

I have already bought some Easter Eggs. These will be given out to all under sixteen years students on Friday 23rd March and whatever is left, on Wednesday 4th April, for those who have not already had one.

Kata Course

The kata course was very well attended by both Clevedon and Nuffield Health clubs with the Bristol club also giving good support.


We had two members from our clubs enter the KSE competition in Gloucester and I am pleased to say that both acquitted themselves very well. Harvey Quach from our Nuffield health club gained a bronze medal in the kata category as did Louis Nolan from the Clevedon club. Louis also entered the kumite and did very well against a seasoned competitor. I am sure as his experience grows Louis will become a great fighter.

The WKU event is also on the horizon. Please let us try to enter more members into what is our own association event. It is very local, at Weston-super-Mare. Parents and anyone who would like to help at the event please let any instructor know. We need help setting up on the Saturday evening and also table officials. For anyone who would like to learn to become a judge/referee, the courses are free so come along to one to see if it is for you.


Out of date

Sebastian Lane, Callum Scrivin, Harvey Quach, Alex Fackrell, Amelia Wilczoch, John Watton, Sarah Meredith, Camilla Hutchings.

End of March

Robert Porteous, Lucas Davies, Caden Turner.


March 7th Maria Christie, 25th Nigel Langson, 26th Lizzie Haines.

Students of the Month

Nuffield Health - Harvey Quach

Clevedon - Louis Nolan