Clevedon Karate Kai

June 2017


Nuffield Health grading will take place on Saturday July 1st. Grading is one session only, starting at 10.00.

Clevedon grading will be on Sunday 9th July at Tickenham Hall starting at 13.30, going on until approximately 16.30. There are other groups in before and after us so we must be on time. We also ask for help in getting the mats down and at the end taking them up.

Grading cost is the same as before but please make sure you have your licence with a picture in it. Failure to bring it will stop you from grading.

Bristol Summer Course

The Bristol Summer course is taking place on Saturday 1st July. I would hope we get a good attendance to this event. It is a day's course but juniors may attend just the morning or afternoon. I would hope to see some Nuffield Heath members going along, especially those who will be wearing their new belts.

This course is very important for brown belts and above. Ask any Dan grade - it is the precursor of attaining your black belt. Most of the Dan grading panel will be teaching on this course. It is your chance to meet them and their chance to help you move to that next stage.

We have now ordered 100 t-shirts to be given free for those who attend this course.


Again we seem to be going through that patch where a few families have dropped off and our numbers go down. This is because we are very much a family club and we lose two or three when a family goes. Please pass on to your friends about the club you attend. That is the best way for us to get new members.


June 4th Matthew Read, Sevin Kalupahama, 12th Mani Benton, 15th Louis Read, 25th Michael Sawtell, 26th Sebastian Lane.


Out of Date

Luke Jefferies, Mani Benton, Pete, Eliza and Isabelle Bates, Phoebe Bamber

End of June

Louis Collis, Sara Alexandra Patrick, Evie, Isla and Brie Stevens, Summer Christie, Molly Parnell, Pippa Gaiger, Delylah and Ysabelle Waller, Annabel Fear.

Students of the month

Clevedon: Oliver Clarke Nuffield Health: Lewis Watt