Clevedon Karate Kai

May 2017


Congratulations to all of our members who entered. The standard was very high, along with a lot of nerves! As always we are proud of all of you who had a go, I can remember feeling very ill before going on the mats. We came away with a silver medal for Louis Nolan in the kumite. We must get you up to the squad sessions Louis, you have a great long reach, you move well and we now need to work on the combinations. Well done! Well done also to Isla, Bree and Evie Stevens, George Guiver and Lewis Cocking, whose support is appreciated. Also the parents and club members who gave their time on the night before helping us get set up with mats and areas, a harder job this time as the mats were all mixed up. Likewise Paul and Lewis, helping on the tables on the Sunday. We would have had to close areas without the help of members and their families.

Dan Grading Courses

The first of the Dan grading courses will start on the 4th June. They are free and open to the more senior grades that are looking at rising through the ranks in the future. Please ask Kevin or Nigel for details.

Summer Course

Book this day off whatever you are going to do. On Saturday July 1st we are having the annual outdoor Bristol summer course. It is expected that yet again this will be a free course to all of our members. Please ask Kevin or Nigel for more details.


We have now got all of our mats at Tickenham hall. If members can try to be a little early on the Wednesday evenings it would be a great help in setting them out. Taking them up is not too much of a problem but laying them takes a little more time. To this end also can we ask for some more support for Wednesdays? The numbers are dwindling a little. Even if you cannot make every Wednesday try to get some in. It certainly is important for those going for higher grades.


Out of Date

Noah Feurtado, John Green, Phoebe Bamber, Eliza, Pete & Isabella Bates.

End of May

Luke Jefferies



5th Maisey Porter, 12th Max Morch-Monstead, 13th Fern Read, 14th Edward Green, 18th Isabella Bates, 21st Sebastian Brandl, 22nd Sarah Meredith, 23rd Noah Feurtado & Robert Porteous, 25th Summer Christie, 30th Ann Barrett