Clevedon Karate Kai

March 2017


We have our WKU competition coming up on April 30th at Hutton Moor in Weston-super-Mare. Please let me know if you are interested in entering this event. There are many types of entry. One of the most popular for the younger members is the Shobu Jukuren. This is hitting a free standing punch dummy for 30 seconds with different combinations. It is a good one to build the younger members' confidence on. There are also kata and kumite. For the latter, I would advise as to each person's suitability.


Saturday 18th March for Nuffield Health club, one session only, everyone there for 09.45, pictures in licence books please. Cost of grading as per normal. Sunday 19th March at All Saints Church 13.00 to 16.00 for Clevedon members.


We are getting some rather grey and worn gis out there. Please check them. If new ones are required they are not that expensive to buy from us. As always, parents, please check the children's nails. Some toe nails last week looked like they had been digging in the garden. It is a cause of infection if a student is cut by one when they are fighting each other.


I have ordered some 80 white t-shirts with the club logo printed on them. These can be worn by the ladies of the club under a gi, but also if we ever do get a good summer and manage to train outdoors then all gi tops can be taken off and we can train with a t-shirt on instead. There will be some spare for those who have not already ordered them.


Out of Date

Peter Fortune, Sarah Meredith, Charlotte Ball, Max Morch-Monstead, Harvey & Oscar Quach.

End of March

Chris Green, Sebastian Brandl, Robert Porteous, Caden Turner, Lucas Davies.



7th Maria Christie, 19th William Brown, 20th Teagan Tudor, 21st Anthony Gomm, 25th Nigel Langson, 26th Lizzie Haines.

Students of the Month

Nuffield Health - Alex Fackrell Clevedon - Bree, Evie and Isla Stevens