Clevedon Karate Kai

February 2017

Kata Course

There will be a kata course at All Saints Church Hall on February 5th from 14.00 to 16.00. The cost of this course is £5.00 with discounts for families. All Dan grades are asked to attend to help instruct please.


Please do not try to correct your children whilst they are training. It is the instructors' job to do this. Sometimes it is best to let them just get on with it even if they are in the wrong stance. They will get there in the end and often parents can distract them. One thing you could help with, though, is to make sure the younger members have been to the loo before starting training. It can be very dangerous if they go to leave the line whilst other students are throwing kicks and punches. Once more again we ask that gis are clean and pressed. We instructors are also parents. We have had our own children throw their gi in a bag and go to bring it out a week later looking like they have rolled around in a field. Also, all nails should be cut short. One last request. You are all very welcome to tea and coffee but please return the cups to the kitchen. We do not mind washing them up but we often find them under the chairs when we are packing up.

First Aid

We are arranging one or two first aid courses to be carried out at the Bristol dojo. Can I ask for names of those wishing to attend as the numbers will be limited?

English Karate Federation

The EKF are putting on a kumite squad session at Bath University on the 5th February. Registration is at 09.30 with the first session starting at 10.00. Our own Rory Daniels is the head coach for this event. To attend this you must pre-register. This has to be done by Monday 30th January. I do not have the forms for this. I expect they are online but if you are interested please let me know and I will organise your entry.



2nd Baran Cil, 8th Caden Turner, 11th Oliver Smith & Max Jefferies, 13th Alex Fackrell, 18th Ysabelle Waller, 21st Tori Cornish, 22nd Isla Stevens


Out of Date

Melissa Turvey, Maisey Porter, Felix and Marcus Bentley, Max Morch-Monstead, Charlotte Fackrell, Michael Dean, Oliver Pastor, Kian Hughes.

End of February

Alex Fackrell, Harvey & Oscar Quach, Oliver Smith, Sarah Meredith, Tilly Newth, Adam Zagrobelny, Peter Fortune, Camilla Hutchings, Charlotte Ball.