Clevedon Karate Kai

Central England Karate Championships 24 June 2019

Three Clevedon students travelled to Worcester on Sunday to participate in the Central England Karate Championships. Because of its location and reputation, this competition attracts one of the largest fields of participants in the UK. The University of Worcester arena seats 1400, and housed eight separate areas. This is the biggest competition these students have attended yet, and although they found it tough, they learned plenty, and will be back for more.

Callum and Cassidy were first up, in a pairs category encompassing all grades. Performing a kata that was relatively new to them, Wanshu, their lack of practice with it showed, and they didn't go through.
Cassidy drew one of the strongest possible opponents in the field in her individual grade kata. Despite delivering her customary crisp Pinan Shodan, she was edged out on a 2-1 flags decision.
Cassidy then moved up a level, competing in the open kata, against black belts. She didn't look out of place, with a very sharp Wanshu, but the standard was much higher, and her opponent won the day.
Jenson (blue belt) opted to perform a kata he has only just learned, Pinan Yondan, and paid the price. He got one flag, but it was very much an opportunity missed.
Callum, in the same category as Jenson, also did Pinan Yondan, as did his opponent. His was the harshest decision of the day, with no flags, when a review of the video shows plenty of points where he was superior to his opponent.