Clevedon Karate Kai

KSE XII Competition, Gloucester 02 June 2019

The Clevedon Karate Kai squad has been on the road again. This time we travelled to Gloucester for the KSE competitiion. We were representing not just the club, but the whole association. This is how it went.

Oxstalls Sports Park is the University of Gloucester's brand spanking new facility. It is hugely impressive - spacious, and seated on three sides.
Cassidy (fourth from left) bows in first, as one of the youngest competitors in the 9-11 yrs 6th-4th kyu female kata category.
In the first round she pulls out her strongest kata, Pinan Shodan...
... and scores a convincing, three-flags victory.
In this competition she is not allowed to repeat a kata in successive rounds, so she has to do her less favoured Pinan Nidan.
She is edged out in a tight contest, but walks away with a bronze...
... maintaining her record of never having come away from a competition without something shiny round her neck.
Jenson takes to the mat for his first competition outside our association, in the 12-15 yrs under 3rd kyu mixed kata category.
His Pinan Shodan is now good enough to perform in competition, and he produces a good example.
Against a more experienced opponent, though, it's not enough to get him the decision.
Callum steps up in the same category.
He also opts for Pinan Shodan, and delivers one of his best.
Once again, though, the high quality of the field counts against him, and he doesn't get the flags.
Louis is in a very difficult category, 12-15 yrs 3rd-1st kyu male kata, and having to perform three different kata.
He goes in with Wanshu in the first round.
Despite one of his best ever competition kata performances, his opponent is very good, and takes the flags.
A frustrating day, having been edged out rather than soundly beaten in every case, but the squad has enjoyed the experience anyway.