Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Grading 18 March 2018

A bit of snow didn't stop the students of Clevedon Karate Kai from demonstrating their skills on Sunday. A busy Tickenham Village Hall witnessed twenty-six graders showing why they are worth their new belts.

Kevin lines everyone up and splits them into their grading groups.
The first group up are the beginners, 10th and 9th kyu.
They are soon making the rafters ring with committed strikes and loud kiais.
They are only beginning to learn kata, but bravely demonstrate what they know.
Next up are 8th, 7th and 6th kyu.
These students have all trained for at least a year now, much more for the 6th kyus. They are given a correspondingly sterner examination.
They split into two groups for kata, 8th and 7th kyu here finishing Pinan Nidan.
6th kyu are joined by Adam to go all the way up to Pinan Sandan.
Last up are the highest grades, 5th to 2nd kyu.
With years of training behind them, they are able to demonstrate advanced moves like mahanmi-no-nekoashidachi with shutouke block.
Here they step through preparing an uchiuke block.
They also show an array of kicks, here maigeri...
...and here the very difficult ushirogeri.
They demonstrate all five Pinan kata, here Pinan Shodan...
...Pinan Yondan...
...and in Pinan Godan, Eddie and Charlotte take top marks for altitude!
Then they move on to advanced kata, first Kushanku...
...then Eddie opts for Seishan, while everyone else does Chinto.
Grading completed, Lewis warms down and stretches the class.
Finally, Kevin reads the results. Everyone selected has passed, with five first-class passes. Yet another successful grading!