Clevedon Karate Kai

New Belts Awarded 13 December 2017

Both Clevedon and Nuffield Health have held gradings in the last month. The successful participants have been presented with their new belts at subsequent training sessions.

Nuffield Health graded first, on November 25th. Here are all the successful students, happy that it's over and done with.

Adam, 7th kyu+.

Oliver, 4th kyu.

George, 4th kyu+.

Oscar, 8th kyu

Delylah, 8th kyu.

Ysabelle, 8th kyu.

Ayden, 10th kyu.

Nathan, 10th kyu.

Seamus, 4th kyu.

Cassidy, 10th kyu.

Annabel, 7th kyu.

Bree, 6th kyu.

Evie, 6th kyu.

Isla, 6th kyu.

Amelia, 6th kyu+.

John, 6th kyu+.

Diesel, 4th kyu.

Some of the successful Clevedon graders show off their new belts.