Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Grading

09 July 2017

Today saw Clevedon Karate Kai's summer grading at a stiflingly hot Tickenham Village Hall. Eleven students stepped up to show why they were worth a new belt.

20170709_000001 Lewis kicks off the grading with a demonstration of the quality expected of dan grades. He performs the Kururunfa kata.

20170709_000002 The first grading group, 10th-8th kyu, are called to yoi by Mark.

20170709_000003 They demonstrate blocks including jodanuke…​

20170709_000004 …​ and sotouke.

20170709_000005 They follow that with kicks, such as mawashigeri.

20170709_000006 For most of them, the Pinan Nidan kata is the end of their grading…​

20170709_000007 …​ but Adam bravely stays up on his own to show that he also knows Pinan Shodan.

20170709_000008 Then the higher grading group, 5th-4th kyu, take to the mat.

20170709_000009 Here, they step through into a gyakuzuki.

20170709_000010 Kicks are demonstrated, including maigeri.

20170709_000011 As are strikes, including junzuke no tsukkomi.

20170709_000012 Maigeri with jodanuke.

20170709_000013 Preparing for a sotouke block.

20170709_000014 Executing an uchiuke block.

20170709_000015 Stepping through into a shutouke block…​

20170709_000016 …​ and completing it with the mahanmi-no-nekoashidachi stance.

20170709_000017 On to kicks, with mawashigeri…​

20170709_000018 …​ and ushirogeri.

20170709_000019 Then on to kata - Pinan Nidan…​

20170709_000020 …​ Pinan Shodan…​

20170709_000021 …​ Pinan Sandan…​

20170709_000022 …​ and Pinan Yondan, which marks the end of the grading for the 5th kyus.

20170709_000023 Pip and Charlotte, however, both going for their brown belts, have more to do.

20170709_000024 They complete the last of the Pinan kata, Godan.

20170709_000025 Lewis joins them for Kushanku.

20170709_000026 72 moves later, they have completed their grading.

20170709_000027 Mark oversees the warm-down, with some running and jumping…​

20170709_000028 …​ followed by some stretching.

20170709_000029 Then everyone takes a seat for Kevin to read out the results.

20170709_000030 Everyone has passed, and there is one first class pass, for Seamus.

20170709_000031 Smiling faces, anticipating receiving their new belts at the next training session.