Clevedon Karate Kai

WKU Bristol Summer School 01 July 2017

Our association's annual outdoor summer school took place at Old Reds rugby ground in Bristol on Saturday. The biggest turnout from Clevedon, and overall, for many years, enjoyed some fine weather and varied training, and, most importantly, had bags of fun.

Colchester Sensei Les Birkin's spirit test for the association's dan grades is a fixture at this event. This year he has them lying down in the car park...

...while they take turns to climb over each other.

You can only do this if you are an 8th dan, particularly if one of the people you're standing on is a former kumite world champion.

Punch up in the car park...

... followed by a nice sit down.

On the field, more conventional techniques. Lewis evades a maigeri from Yeovil's Sophie.

Association Chief Instructor Alan Flook and Bristol's Mark Haines can't tell the twins apart, so they call them both up at once to demonstrate a shikodachi.

Tori and partner drop into the same stance and throw out some punches.

The kids embrace Alan's "dead ants" routine enthusiastically.

Bowing in for the afternoon session, the sun has come out, and it's set fair for the afternoon.


Nigel teaches the Wado Ryu kata, Chinto, to a group containing a few Shotokan students.

Lewis attacks, Caden evades and blocks.

Maria does likewise against a back kick.

Kevin takes a moment to go over a few points.

Even in the break, the Clevedon students have enough energy to play around with a fizzy drink bottle.

It's the best turnout from Clevedon for this event for many years, and they're all enjoying themselves in the sunshine.

When you just want a picture of people picnicking, some old git in a loud hat jumps in and spoils it.

Pip works on her gyakuzuki with the higher kyu grades from across the association.

Lewis's dan grade group, similarly, get back to basics.

The kids don't need a second invitation to shout as loud as they can!

Evie, Bree and Isla are helping to make the noise...

... as is Annabel.

The older ones are hiding at the back.

They can't hide in a circle, though, and are soon practicing their shikodachis.

Adam and Oliver are also in the circle, throwing out lots of punches and making lots of noise.

Alan is clearly pleased with what he's seeing.

Ippon work - Pip gets taken down.

Lewis and Caden team up again for pair work.

Mark keeps it lively for the kids all afternoon.

It's not just Clevedon where they all have to be shown what a proper press-up looks like!

Adam gets airborne...

... as does Oliver.

Charlotte wishes she was doing "normal" press-ups.

Isla flies over the hurdles...

... while Evie concentrates on landing safely.

Summer achieves maximum altitude, aided by the bouncy domes.

Diesel, looking nowhere near as laid back as usual!

The traditional squad photo at the end. Well over 100 students have attended over the day. It's been a huge success, and everyone is smiling.