Clevedon Karate Kai

WKU Spring Invitational

30 April 2017

Our association's bi-annual competition took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-super-Mare, on Sunday. Six of our students were brave enough to test themselves against competitors from across the South, West, Midlands and Wales.

20170430_093408_001 Isla lines up for the shobo-jukuren - demonstrating technique against a dummy.

20170430_093408_004 She can’t wait to get on to the mat.

20170430_093408_021 When she does, she sets about the dummy with feet…​

20170430_093416_037 …​ and fists. She goes out narrowly on a split decision…​

20170430_093416_039 …​watched by a very proud Sensei.

20170430_093523_035 Evie (2nd from right) is in the older shobo-jukuren category.

20170430_093523_038 She also goes out in her first contest, but isn’t too downhearted.

20170430_094047_050 George lines up for his competition debut, in the junior kyu grades kata category.

20170430_094047_060 He performs a strong Pinan Nidan…​

20170430_094101_053 …​but is up against a very talented opponent, and doesn’t get through.

20170430_094853_016 Louis, in the same category, gets a bye in the first round, and faces the same opponent in the second.

20170430_094900_017 He does Pinan Sandan, also to the best of his ability, but is eliminated.

20170430_100137_018 No medals for George or Louis, but very valuable experience gained.

20170430_100900_023 Lewis is a competition veteran these days, and steps up for the junior dan grades kata category.

20170430_100922_024 He pulls out his favourite, Kururunfa, in the first round, and it takes him through.

20170430_101704_022 In the second round he goes for Seienchin.

20170430_101709_040 It’s a strong, committed performance, but the standard is high, and he is edged out.

20170430_103624_026 Bree (third competitor from left) has competed in shobo-jukuren before, but this is her debut in kata.

20170430_103816_007 She starts Pinan Nidan nervously, but then recovers her flow.

20170430_103829_002 Despite a strong finish, she doesn’t make it through.

20170430_103829_004 Nevertheless, coach Paul is proud of her efforts.

20170430_111513_009 Louis bows in for junior kyu grades kumite.

20170430_111751_007 He opens the scoring early in the bout.

20170430_111834_004 It’s an even fight, against a committed opponent, which ends even, but the first score is the tie-breaker, and gives him the win.

20170430_112128_015 His next fight is a big step up in class.

20170430_112130_014 His opponent is fast, agile and skilful.

20170430_112219_003 Louis is unable to stay in the contest, but picks up a silver, Clevedon’s only medal of the day.

20170430_113141_004 It’s all fought in an excellent spirit, and everyone is smiling at the end.