Clevedon Karate Kai

WKU Spring Invitational 30 April 2017

Our association's bi-annual competition took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-super-Mare, on Sunday. Six of our students were brave enough to test themselves against competitors from across the South, West, Midlands and Wales.

Isla lines up for the shobo-jukuren - demonstrating technique against a dummy.

She can't wait to get on to the mat.

When she does, she sets about the dummy with feet...

... and fists. She goes out narrowly on a split decision...

...watched by a very proud Sensei.

Evie (2nd from right) is in the older shobo-jukuren category.

She also goes out in her first contest, but isn't too downhearted.

George lines up for his competition debut, in the junior kyu grades kata category.

He performs a strong Pinan Nidan...

...but is up against a very talented opponent, and doesn't get through.

Louis, in the same category, gets a bye in the first round, and faces the same opponent in the second.

He does Pinan Sandan, also to the best of his ability, but is eliminated.

No medals for George or Louis, but very valuable experience gained.

Lewis is a competition veteran these days, and steps up for the junior dan grades kata category.

He pulls out his favourite, Kururunfa, in the first round, and it takes him through.

In the second round he goes for Seienchin.

It's a strong, committed performance, but the standard is high, and he is edged out.

Bree (third competitor from left) has competed in shobo-jukuren before, but this is her debut in kata.

She starts Pinan Nidan nervously, but then recovers her flow.

Despite a strong finish, she doesn't make it through.

Nevertheless, coach Paul is proud of her efforts.

Louis bows in for junior kyu grades kumite.

He opens the scoring early in the bout.

It's an even fight, against a committed opponent, which ends even, but the first score is the tie-breaker, and gives him the win.

His next fight is a big step up in class.

His opponent is fast, agile and skilful.

Louis is unable to stay in the contest, but picks up a silver, Clevedon's only medal of the day.

It's all fought in an excellent spirit, and everyone is smiling at the end.