Clevedon Karate Kai

Belts Awarded 24 March 2017

Following last week's club grading, the successful participants have been presented with their new belts at this week's training sessions.

Oscar, 10th kyu

Summer, 9th kyu

Annabel, 9th kyu

Delylah, 9th kyu

Ysabelle, 9th kyu

Phoebe, 8th kyu

Eliza, 8th kyu

Isabelle, 8th kyu

Pete, 8th kyu

Adam, 8th kyu

Isla, 7th kyu+

Evie, 7th kyu+

Bree, 7th kyu+

Louis, 5th kyu

Seamus, 5th kyu

Oliver, 5th kyu

George, 5th kyu+

Charlotte, 4th kyu+

Amelia, 6th kyu