Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Grading

19 March 2017

Today saw Clevedon Karate Kai's first grading of the year. Twenty-one students have been working hard for the last few months, and showed what they can do.

S1480002 First up are 9th and 10th kyu.

S1480008 They put in plenty of effort from the start, with loud kiais.

S1480028 Here, they are showing a sotouke block.

S1480036 We don’t often see a mawashigeri from either Kevin or Nigel, so both at the same time is a rare treat!

S1480062 The group splits for the Pinan Nidan kata. 10th kyu go first…​

S1480071 …​ and 9th kyu bring this part of the grading to an end.

S1480075 All grades 8th kyu and above, plus 9th kyu Pete, take the floor.

S1480087 Plenty of commitment from this group, too.

S1480095 They demonstrate a maigeri kick.

S1480100 Here they are stepping through in preparation for a sotouke block.

S1480104 Preparing for a mahanmi-no-nekoashi dachi, with shutouke block.

S1480107 Executing a surrukomi short-step in preparation for a maigeri kick off the front foot.

S1480116 This group also splits for kata. 9th and 8th kyu perform Pinan Nidan…​

S1480117 …​ and Pinan Shodan.

S1480125 The two 8th kyu+ students, John and Amelia, stay up for Pinan Sandan.

S1480149 7th kyu and above return for Pinan Nidan…​

S1480167 …​ Pinan Shodan …​

S1480180 …​ and Pinan Sandan.

S1480186 As a 7th kyu+, Louis' grading is completed, but he opts to stay up with George and Charlotte for Pinan Yondan …​

S1480195 …​ and Pinan Godan, which completes the grading.

S1480200 Kevin reads the results to the students. Everyone has passed. There are two first class passes, but three others came close.

S1480205 At the end of a demanding session, everyone is all smiles.