Clevedon Karate Kai

Students of the Year/Sweets Night

16 December 2016

Our last Friday training session of the year saw the traditional "Sweets Night", and the presentation of the Clevedon Students of the Year trophies.

2016-12-1618.46.31-1 Junior Student of the Year: Charlotte Ball (left). She has taken huge strides this year, and not just because she has long legs! Her committed attitude to training has resulted in great technical improvements. Senior Student of the Year: Pip Gaiger. What can we say about this amazing lady? She trains three or four times a week, displaying a level of commitment that no-one else in the club can match. She is truly an inspiration. Congratulations to both of you on a superb year, and we don’t doubt that 2017 will see further progress.

2016-12-1619.26.09 Meanwhile, the kids have sweets on their minds. Kevin explains the rules…​

2016-12-1619.29.05 …​and organises them into teams…​

2016-12-1619.31.05 …​and then they line up at the end of the hall, ready to race, and to win lots of sweets.

2016-12-1619.34.58-10 Some races involve karate techniques, such as maigeri.

2016-12-1619.37.56 At the other end of the hall, one of the senior grades stands with a balloon for the last member of each team to burst.

2016-12-1619.43.08 Evie demonstrates how it’s done.

2016-12-1619.44.47-1 Other races involve all manner of strange movements.

2016-12-1619.45.32-3 Delylah shows a variation in balloon-bursting technique.

2016-12-1619.53.06-1 Summer puts her entire weight on it, and with a little help, gets it done.