Clevedon Karate Kai

Western Karate Union Winter Competition

27 November 2016

Our association's winter competition took place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre today. Karateka from clubs from across the South, West and Wales gathered to take each other on, including a good contingent from Clevedon. Here's how they got on.

S1450000 The day begins with the usual refereeing conflab.

S1450362 Summer and Isla (last two on the right) line up for the youngest shobo jukuren category…​

S1460001 …​while at the same time, on the next mat, Bree (far left) and Evie (third from right) prepare for the next age category up.

S1460008 Isla is up first, and shows that she can kick with right…​

S1460010 …​and left. A great effort, but not quite enough.

S1460028 Evie is next for Clevedon, and shows off her kicks…​

S1460030 …​and punches, but is also eliminated.

S1460050 Bree is third up, and also demonstrates plenty of kicking ability…​

S1460056 …​but despite a good technical show, she also goes out.

S1460060 On yet another mat, Louis lines up for his kata category.

S1460069 He performs Pinan Sandan…​

S1460073 …​with his usual panache.

S1460078 It doesn’t get him past his opponent, but with a bye through the first round, he picks up a bronze medal anyway.

S1460083 Back at the shobo jukuren, Summer is a little overawed in her first ever competition, but is brave enough to go out and do it anyway.

S1460090 Harvey, from the Nuffield Health club, takes part in the youngest kata category. He doesn’t win his contest…​

S1460092 …​but like Louis, with a bye past the first round, he walks away with a bronze medal.

S1460093 Lewis bows in for junior dan grades kata.

S1460105 He performs Kururunfa…​

S1460174 …​with plenty of poise and power…​

S1460191 …​but he has a difficult opponent, and is not able to prevail.

S1460207 Louis lines up for junior kyu grades kumite. With only two fighters in the category, he is straight into the final.

S1460211 He throws some rangy kicks…​

S1460234 …​but against an aggressive and powerful opponent, he is mainly on the back foot…​

S1460252 …​and at one point is forced off the mat and receives a warning for stepping out of bounds.

S1460259 However, he is quick and skilful enough to evade everything his opponent throws, and launches some counters of his own.

S1460260 The bout ends scoreless, but Louis is judged the winner on better technique, and takes the gold medal!

S1460263 Lizzie has no difficulty making herself heard when calling her kata in the senior women’s dan grades kata.

S1460265 Her first round kata is Kururunfa…​

S1460273 …​and she performs it well.

S1460292 The flags go her way, and she’s into the semi-finals.

S1460301 She performs Seienchin for the semi-final.

S1460325 It’s the usual committed performance…​

S1460345 …​with strong stances…​

S1460357 …​but it’s not quite enough to get her into the final.

S1460359 However, she takes bronze.

S1460363 Lizzie and Lewis then team up in the senior pairs dan grades kata.

S1460373 They go for Seienchin.

S1460383 They give it everything, with strong strikes and loud kiais…​

S1460398 But they are edged out. Starting in the semi-final, however, they collect bronze medals.