Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Grading

13 November 2016

The club's last grading of the year took place on Sunday. Twenty-eight students had trained hard over the summer and autumn, and now stepped up to show what they could do.

S1440746 The beginners, 10th and 9th kyus bow in with Kevin, to start the day’s proceedings.

S1450051 Kevin demonstrates a gyakuzuki, and the students follow suit.

S1450056 Lots more strikes and kicks were thrown, accompanied by enthusiastic kiais.

S1450063 The group then moved on to the Pinan Nidan kata.

S1450070 Next up, 8th to 6th kyu.

S1450088 The group works through their line skills, including gyakuzuki…​

S1450099 …​uchiuke…​

S1450114 …​and mahanmi-no-nekoashidachi with shutouke block.

S1450120 The group splits for kata, with 8th and 7th kyu up first, performing Pinan Nidan…​

S1450122 …​and Pinan Shodan.

S1450127 Then they switch, and 6th kyu go through Pinan Nidan…​

S1450140 …​Pinan Shodan…​

S1450149 …​and Pinan Sandan.

S1450155 With encouragement from Mark, the senior group, ranging from 6th kyu+ to 2nd kyu, take centre stage.

S1450159 Starting with a basic Junzuke, they work through a range of strikes…​

S1450184 …​including junzuke no tsukkomi.

S1450211 Here, they are preparing for an uchiuke block…​

S1450233 …​and here stepping through into a mahanmi-no-nekoashidachi.

S1450265 They also demonstrate a range of kicks, here yokogeri.

S1450282 Then they move on to kata, with Pinan Nidan…​

S1450292 …​Pinan Shodan…​

S1450293 …​Pinan Sandan…​

S1450301 …​and Pinan Yondan.

S1450314 At this point, George and Charlotte have completed their grading. The higher grades go through Pinan Godan…​

S1450329 …​and Kushanku.

S1450345 The end of Kushanku marks the completion of Pip and Tai’s gradings.

S1450356 Tori and Eddie are required to complete one more kata, Seishan.

S1450360 The end of Seishan means the grading is done.

S1450361 Donna warms down and stretches the students…​

S1450362 …​and then they all have a nice lie down!

S1450363 Kevin announces the results. Everyone has passed, and Tori and Pip have achieved first class passes.

S1450364 It’s a happy squad lining up for the traditional photo…​

S1450365 …​and celebrating what they have all achieved. Well done everybody!