Clevedon Karate Kai

New Belts Awarded

31 July 2016

It's taken a few weeks, as many families have been on holiday, but most of the new belts earned at the July grading have now been presented.

01Pete Pete, 10th Kyu.

02Phoebe Phoebe, 10th Kyu.

03Adam Adam, 10th Kyu.

04Matt Matt, 9th Kyu.

05Fern Fern, 9th Kyu.

06Louis Louis, 9th Kyu.

07Kian Kian, 9th Kyu.

08Amelia Amelia, 7th Kyu.

09Evelyn Evelyn, 7th Kyu.

10John John, 7th Kyu.

11Oliver Oliver, 6th Kyu.

12Diesel Diesel, 6th Kyu.

13George George, 6th Kyu+.

14Ben Ben, 6th Kyu+.

15Tilly Tilly, 6th Kyu+.

16Charlotte Charlotte, 5th Kyu+.

17Pip Pip, 4th Kyu.

18Tai Tai, 4th Kyu+.

19Mike Mike, 6th Kyu.

20Rosie Rosie, 6th Kyu.

21SeamusLouis Louis and Seamus, 6th Kyu.

22Oliver Oliver, 10th Kyu.