Clevedon Karate Kai

Club Grading

10 July 2016

Clevedon Karate Kai's second grading of the year took place today. Twenty-two students stepped up to show their skills and earn a move up the ladder.

S1440001 Beginners, taking their first ever grading, and 10th Kyus bow in to start the day’s proceedings.

S1440006 There are understandable nerves, but they all give a good account of themselves.

S1440014 They show some of the kicks they have learned…​

S1440025 …​and finish off with the Pinan Nidan kata.

S1440033 Next up are a large contingent ranging from 10th Kyu to 7th Kyu+.

S1440050 They show their line moves, here a sotouke block…​

S1440073 …​and kicks including maigeri…​

S1440110 …​and mawashigeri.

S1440142 They split down for kata. Evelyn, Amelia, Oliver and Diesel go first…​

S1440147 …​ with Pinan Nidan.

S1440173 They follow that with Pinan Shodan…​

S1440180 …​and Oliver and Diesel finish with a very well-executed Pinan Sandan.

S1440202 Mike, Rosie and Louis take over, with Pinan Nidan…​

S1440213 …​Pinan Shodan…​

S1440234 …​and Pinan Sandan.

S1440340 Finally for this grade group, John, Matt and Seamus run through Pinan Nidan.

S1440355 John and Seamus stay up for Pinan Shodan…​

S1440391 …​ and Pinan Sandan.

S1440426 The final group of the day are 6th Kyu upwards. Here they are winding their hips up for a gyakuzuke.

S1440480 They step through, preparing for sotouke…​

S1440495 …​ and execute the block.

S1440528 Here they are stepping into gyakuzuke no tsukkomi…​

S1440549 …​ and here completing it.

S1440568 Junzuke no tsukkomi.

S1440596 Then on to kicks, including mawashigeri…​

S1440618 …​ and ushirogeri.

S1440631 They then move on to kata, with Pinan Nidan.

S1440636 Then Pinan Shodan…​

S1440652 …​ Pinan Sandan…​

S1440658 …​ and Pinan Yondan.

S1440673 Tai is the senior grader, and is the only one required to do Pinan Godan, so Lewis keeps him company.

S1440692 They finish the final Pinan kata…​

S1440702 …​ then move on to the 72-move senior kata, Kushanku.

S1440712 Despite the length, they synchronise nicely…​

S1440729 …​ and get off the ground for the maitobigeri at the same time.

S1440743 The finish of Kushanku marks the end of the grading.

S1440745 The students line up and sit down, and Kevin confirms that everyone has passed, and that Pip and Louis have achieved first class passes.

S1440747 At the end, the traditional group photo, and big smiles from students who are all looking forward to receiving their new belts.